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How to set up a new account & wallet

Set up an account & wallet at Cobalt Lend in less then 3 minutes Note: Some users may experience errors when accessing the wallet with some versions of Andriod devices and some prepaid cellular carriers. If you experience an error setting up your wallet on PC or Mobile - try adjusting your security setting, Example: In the Opera browser you must disable the VPN

Secure Log In with MetaMask From Mobile Phone

This video assumes you already have the Metamask App downloaded and set up on your mobile phone. If you need MetaMask click here

Why does Cobalt Have A hot Wallet On The Website and Incorporated MetaMask

We offer the hot wallet on the exchange to give the community availability to a Bitcoin wallet. This will be very useful because Cobalt Lend just signed with Itez to provide our registered users the abiltiy to buy BTC with debit or credit card straight from the user dashboard - NO KYC or AML! We heavily encourage the use of Firefox MetaMask in the Cobalt ecosystem for the best results, because we are building our signing and voting features around these applications

How To Stake Your CBLT Tokens

Click the button below for more information about staking your Cobalt Tokens for passive income

Cobalt TIP:

How do I change my password?

Log In 1st

Navigate to:

The second option on the left side is: “Password” select that. Then you will see how to change password

How To Buy BTC With A Credit Or Debit Card - NO KYC

For a step-by-step guide click the button below

How to Add & Participate in Uniswap Liquidity Pool

3 minute video assumes you have MetaMask

How to EARN nCBLT Tokens participating in the NULs Platform

To see a detailed explanation of how you can earn nCBLT Tokens while participating in the NULs platform by "STAKING" NULs click here

How to Vote Within The Cobalt Ecosystem And Be Rewarded (Profit Sharing)

To see a detailed explanation of how voting works at present click here the button below. Voting on proposals for loans is in a closed beta to date

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Cobalt Lend Video Tutorials

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Add CBLT Token To MetaMask On Your Mobile Phone or Desktop

Paste this address where the video instructs you to Contract address for CBLT: 0x29a99c126596c0Dc96b02A88a9EAab44EcCf511e

Secure Log In with MetaMask From Desktop

This video assumes you already have the Metamask Extention downloaded and set up on your PC or Laptop internet browser. If you need MetaMask click here

How The Cobalt Atomic Swap (C.A.S.) Works

DeFi Aggregation explained: C.A.S. powered by Totle is connected to top decentralized exchanges and synthetic asset providers. When you execute a swap through C.A.S. your order is routed to the sources offering the best prices on the market. Automatic insurance through Nexus Mutual Users are covered for up to 600 ETH in the event that funds are lost during a swap due to an unforeseen bug

How to sign in with MetaMask on Mobile Phone & Use C.A.S.

How To View My Staking Rewards

If you are a registered STAKER your AVATAR will have changed to the Cobalt STAKER. To check your status, navigate to your dashboard and select user profile. Under "Your Supportive Role In the Cobalt Lend Ecosystem" The Label: STAKER will appear in your profile heading

My Cobalt Staking Rewards Section will now show your STAKED amount and your last payout amount

To learn more about Staking click the button below