Services We Provide

We provide a wide range of support for the community

Cobalt Lend provides loans services and other resources such
as counseling & strategic partnerships to enable small businesses to become BIG Businesses!

How can we help you?

We don’t just offer lending services.
We provide a wide range of digital IT services for the community.

A Fair Community

Cobalt Lend facilitates a community voted and approved lending protocol on the blockchain that is completely governed by the community and every vote counts! The only criteria considered for the loans will be merit of project and collateral provided by the borrower, then the community will be left to decide on funding the proposal or rejecting it. CLICK THE ICON TO LEARN MORE!


The Cobalt Lend Protocol sees projects through from conception to completion. Cobalt Lend offers complete mentor-ship and guidance when needed through the start-up process. Do you need help making an idea become reality? We provide support for those struggling with their business plan / proposal as well. CLICK THE ICON TO LEARN MORE!


The Cobalt Lend community member can “Stake” their cryptocurrency to the Cobalt Lend treasury (in your own wallet) See your user dashboard for details and register your wallet for Staking and earn up 5% per month passive income. CLICK THE ICON TO LEARN MORE!

Lending & Borrowing

Cobalt Lend aims to facilitate the lending of excess capital to other borrowers within the ecosystem in times of surplus, in order to benefit from interest on the loan. Borrowing capital faster and easier then with traditional lending institutions all from you mobile phone communicating with the blockchain. CLICK THE ICON TO LEARN MORE!

Software Solutions

Our ultimate goal is to empower the community through commerce and we believe the best way to do this is with blockchain technology. We will be focusing a lot of our efforts on ensuring the mobile dashboard has all the features necessary features to facilitate daily financial transactions of all sizes for the Cobalt Lend end user. Cobalt Lend will continue working with payment providers to bridge the gap between crypto assets and the real world. CLICK THE ICON TO LEARN MORE!

Help & Support

Cobalt's help and support for the community is boundless. The cobalt platform aims to be a continuing resource before and after the loan process, with a large portion of Cobalt Lends' resources and capital available during and after the loan process for the borrower and the community. CLICK THE ICON TO CONTACT SUPPORT OR USE CHAT BOX AT BOTTOM OF EVER PAGE.

Our Customers Partners & Friends

Are all that matters, because you are the community!

"Amazing Developers Doing Quality Work!"

Building a platform on the blockchain for the community to have complete control of business and finance through decentralized lending. All this will be enabled by community vote.
Community Powered Lending
Cobalt Lend

As many times as the banks have let us down, why do we continue to let them have control of the credit market(s)? Authoritarian control can only exist with the peoples’ willingness to accept it, break the chains of oppression and be your own bank!