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Earn-Drop / Airdrop

You can complete challenges and earn free Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens

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Friend us on Facebook & post something positive related to Cobalt lend. Earn 45 Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens
Follow us on Twitter & Re-Tweet any of our original Tweets. Earn 45 Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens
Follow us and up-vote any of our articles or post an article on Reddit about Cobalt Lend. Earn 50 Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens
Post an article about the Cobalt Lend Protocol. Earn 30 Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens

Post On Your Own Website Challenge

Post or link to us in a positive professional manner. Earn 50 Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens

The Earn-Drop Runs from October 1st, 2020 to January 31, 2021. At the close of the Earn-drop the submissions will be reviewed.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can earn the Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens completely free by completing any of the challenges listed under each social media icon between the dates listed on this page. Fill out the form on this page linking to all your diligent social media work and our review team will vet it and award you any deserved Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens. You must have a registered account with Cobalt lend in order to participate in the Earn-Drop, if you need an account click here.

Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens will be dispersed within (60) days of the end date of the Earn-Drop promotion, after our review team has vetted all the linked submissions.

You will receive your Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens to the ETHEREUM address you provided on this page, so please double check that all information is correct.

Anyone with an active Positive (NON-Threatening / Non-Violent) social media account(s) can participate.

Must have a compatible ERC20 wallet and a registered account with the Cobalt Lend Platform. Click Here if you need an account with Cobalt Lend.

Earn-Drop Participation Form

Must be ERC20 Address
Check the boxes of the challenges you completed