About Us

Welcome to The Digital Revolution

Imagine having a pool of funds that belongs to the community, that any member of the community can borrow from at any time as long as it is voted for and approved by the community.

Our Mission

We are here to serve the community! We got tired of seeing the people who could use capital the most, continually turned away for funding no matter how small and justified the loan. We aim to fix this by instituting a protocol on the blockchain that allows for community approved lending at minimal fees and low over head, with both the borrower and the community benefiting.

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Who we are

A group of frustrated individuals who were tired of the current broken credit system of the “the rich get richer” and decided to change it. The members of our team come from diverse backgrounds including academia and the military, spread out all over the globe. Cobalt Lend heavily preserves the mentality of a “Global Community” and continually works with DEV’s all over the world to bring to the community a better more reliable protocol. The Cobalt lend ideology is to rotate all team members  and employees, both permanent and sub-contractor(s) annually to always ensure  a “fresh and semi-anonymous” protocol with the communities concerns’ as center focus.


What We Do

The Cobalt Lend Governance Model


The Cobalt Community Members

The Register users
(Community members)
control all aspects of the Cobalt Lend Protocol through democratic voting. Community members can submit a proposal to make any changes to the protocol through their user dashboard.The community members can vote on the (4) elected board seats inside the foundation at any time they feel the direction of Cobalt Lend may become comprised.


The Cobalt Lend Foundation

The Cobalt Lend Foundation is comprised of (9) Members / Boards Seats. Which is comprised of:
(4) Elected Board Seats that are called to vote by community at ANY TIME by the community.
(2) Seats reserved for the Founders Multi-Sig Wallet.
(3) Seats reserved for the (3) Largest Staking Wallets.
The Foundation sets forth proposals for vote on how to spend operating capital & how to build out the ecosystem in its entirety.


The Founders

Role of the Founders
(Multi-Sig Wallet)
A) Support the Foundation & community along with overseeing development
B) Invest in other projects that provide synergy and can further Cobalt Lend as a whole
C)Further the development of the overall ecosystem
D)Fiscally support the Foundation



Development is done in a well structured environment and overseen in stages with a “move fast and break things” mentality but with the over sight and direction of disciplined bright minded individuals that hail from academia and elite military units.

   –“Stay the course”



We work with some of the industries most experienced web designers and Web 3.0 developers. We are constantly exploring new blockchain innovations to further the  community efforts and simplify a normally mundane task, therefor reducing redundancy and slippage.



Delivering on any project is always the main goal and must be balanced with delivering a trust worthy project to the community and doing so within a timely and reliable manner.

Why Choose Us?

Because we are you. We are the members of your community, your neighbors, and your friends. We have been here the whole time, why not join the revolution and take the power back from the banks who have controlled our finances long enough?

Community involvement is the main objective of this ecosystem. This will be the number one priority when implementing any upgrade or change to the Cobalt Lend Protocol (IE: The Mobile Wallet with integrated EPNS).

Use the “chat with us” located on every page to speak directly with Cobalt Lend

Connect with us on social media or contact us directing via email & through our “Contact Us” page.

Our results will always be posted on the website and ultimately the blockchain too. We believe in complete transparency.

Our team has been working tirelessly since 2017 to bring this idea to fruition. We are implementing a support structure that will enable all tier support for all our community members 24X7 throughout the world.

Please see white paper for ROI and Tokenomics. For complete return of investment in the Cobalt (CBLT) Token and how exactly the deflationary model works with burning token fees along with the “dividend” pay out model see white paper.

Our team consist of experienced professionals with backgrounds in the US military and Universities through out the Americas. This collaboration has truly brought together something great and decentralized to live on in the community forever!

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