Cobalt Lend
A new way for small businesses to borrow & lend capital!

What does Cobalt Lend bring to the blockchain ecosystem?

Our focus is small businesses
Making everyone their own small business
Cobalt Lend aims to bring together a blended community in order to facilitate borrowing and lending within the same community. This allows the community to benefit instead of the banks. CLICK THE ICON TO LEARN MORE!
Community voted lending
Governance on the blockchain
The current credit system is fundamentally flawed and the Cobalt Lend platform corrects this by facilitating a community voted and approved lending program on the blockchain that is completely based off the merits of the project, never seeing race, color, or individuals background. The only criteria considered for the loans will be merit of project and collateral provided by the borrower, then the community will be left to decide on funding the proposal or rejecting it. To learn more about community voting in the Cobalt lend ecosystem CLICK THE ICON TO LEARN MORE!
Borrowing & Lending
Cobalt on NULs Platform
Being able to lend excess capital to other borrowers within the ecosystem in times of surplus, in order to benefit from interest on the loan. Borrowing capital faster and easier then with traditional lending institutions all from you mobile phone. CLICK THE ICON TO LEARN MORE!
Cobalt Lend Software Suite
Free Mobile Dapp
The Cobalt Lend proprietary software enables cryptocurrency and credit card processing all together in one mobile Dapp – NO extra costly hardware needed. See more about how the Cobalt Lend Software Suite works -CLICK THE ICON TO LEARN MORE!

How we plan to incentivize the community

Putting community 1st is what blockchain is all about

Lending Platform


Community members who voted on proposals will receive dividends paid out in Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens periodically by the treasury based on the positive tracked performance of the projects funded by the community through the treasury.

The treasury will also conduct periodic buy backs of the Cobalt (CBLT) Token as well. This along with the “Token Burn” occurring routinely on the protocol, will contribute greatly to the deflationary model and therefor increasing the overall value for investors / wallet holders.

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Real-World Currency

Exchange Any Asset

Cobalt Lend

Crossing All Chains

Community Members (wallet holders) will be able to communicate with any blockchain through their mobile dashboard allowing them to lend and borrow any asset with the touch of a button

Community Member & Wallet Holder

Wallet Holder (Validator Node)

Basic Decentralized Finance


Stake Your NULs and EARN nCBLT & Participate in the build out of the platform

Cobalt (CBLT / ncblt) Token & Platform Overview

Right now Cobalt Lend is preparing to set up (3) liquidity pools on Uniswap, Mooniswap, & Bancor. These liquidity pools will be stocked and ready for trading 1st quarter 2021 see Trading CBLT Page here. Our planned DEX with integrated staking will be ready at a later date.

Participate in the Earn-Drop and get FREE Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens just by posting on social media. Click here to learn more!

The Cobalt lending platform aims to bring together borrowers into a fair democratic voting community in order to get all size loans from micro loans to six-figure loans all without the over sight of a bank, completely governed by the community and therefor the community directly profits from its’ involvement. These loans will be available to the community through their mobile phones, on a collateralize tier structure. We are currently building out our lending and governance protocol on the NULs Platform. Our platform will bridge the gap between all crypto ecosystems.

The first step to taking part in the Cobalt Lend Ecosystem is to set up a user account on this website, if you need an account click here. Next, you must have a compatible ERC20 wallet such as MetaMask or TrustWallet and obtain some Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens. Right now Cobalt Tokens can be acquired through our Private Pre-Sale and our EarnDrop program. We have a planned I.E.O. that will be kicking off very soon, always check this website for the latest details.

The Cobalt Lend Media Outreach and Marketing Teams update the “Updates & NEWS” page regularly. To see the latest updates from Cobalt Lend click here.

Are you wondering how to set up a wallet or how to sign in with MetaMask so you can participate in the ecosystem.

We have set up a very helpful page with video tutorials and “How To” guides here.

You will find much need source material on this page and it is updated by Cobalt Lend & the community regularly.

  1. Registered users can purchase bitcoin with credit or debit card (NO KYC OR AML)
  2. Registered users have access to a multi-currency wallet with support for multiple blockchains
  3. Profit sharing from voting on loan proposals within the ecosystem
  4. Staking rewards paid out MONTHLY!
  5. Crypto to Fiat Debit Card linked to your on-line account for instant conversion to spend effortlessly (Coming Soon!)
  6. Access to the Cobalt Atomic Swap (C.A.S.) the fastest atomic swap engine for Ethereum assets powered by Totle
  7. A built in EXCHANGE function inside the online hot wallet for creating orders to an ORDER BOOK to sell any crypto asset you want across multiple chains
  8. Participating in the Cobalt Lend ecosystem allows interoperability with many other blockchains, therefor allowing the user to use one platform to communicate with them all!

So many more features, so set your account today and check them all out!

The Cobalt Lend team is always looking for talented individuals. If you would like to contribute to the Cobalt Lend Protocol click here Join Our Team

The New Cobalt Lend Student Learning Portal

Cobalt Lend is opening up a “sand box” type environment for students to come and participate in the blockchain ecosystem while learning how to contribute in a real way.